Why Should You Be Wearing Tankini Tops?

by admin on January 23, 2011

The beach season is fast approaching—the time when you would like to be seen sporting your brand new flavor of tankini tops. Many women are also thinking about going on a diet at this time of the year due to the fact that they have not been watching their weight during the close season.

Not every lady is successful as she would like at trimming her tummy down to beachable proportions, however; or at least not enough to show off to the beach guys, anyway. If you don’t quite have the six-pack yet, you’ll be thinking twice about a tiny bikini or thong for the beach, right? Single piece bathing suits are all the rage at the moment, especially the new variation called tankini tops; they’re a rather more attractive looking variation on the more traditional one-piece bathing costume.

The idea is that they combine the best of both worlds—they have a tank style top with bikin bottoms; hence the rather clever, catchy name.The top half is considerably longer than the usual bikini top and therefore covers some areas which you might prefer to keep out of sight, such as your tummy. The length of the tankini top can vary from anything a little longer than a regular bikini top to something that extends well below the waist.

This feature also allows you to mix and match with a much broader range of designs and colors, since the different sizes of the top and bottom part make it easier to have two pieces of different appearance. A plain top piece will go well with a patterned, brightly colored bikini piece, whilst a patterned top half will easily fit with a plain bottom half.

One aspect which sometimes bothers women about tankini tops is just how tightly they will fit the top part of their body. If you have small breasts, you should take care to get a good, snug fit, as this will tend to make you look a little fuller. If, on the other hand, you are already quite full enough thank you in the breast department, then you may want to select a design which includes a little extra support in the way of straps, for instance.

If you’ve had abdominal surgery, or have stretch marks, tankini tops can be the ideal solution to your beach wear problems and also give you a somewhat adventurous look without being overly sexual. They will enable you to cover up the features of your tummy area which you would rather not display in public, whilst at the same time avoiding the need to resort to the traditional one-piece bathing suit which can appear a little boring.